Alexa Montes De Oca


Happy Mama Healthy Baby Community Birth and Postpartum Doula

Becoming a parent is a life-altering period that should not be experienced alone. You need a village that takes the time to know you, support you, and empower you.
When my sister unexpectedly became pregnant at the age of 20 and embarked on the journey of motherhood without the support of her partner, I learned what it meant to be a part of this village. I saw everything going on behind the scenes that her care providers didn’t see. I calmed her down when she was rushed to have an emergency C-section because her baby was breech. I discovered how to support someone going through such a special, yet difficult time.
Happy Mama Healthy Baby Alliance’s goal to reach people of color aligns with my proud identification as a Mexican/Dominican woman. I hope to serve communities that may not feel heard or supported by listening, nurturing, and advocating for you.
I have a B.S. in Psychobiology from UCLA and, as an aspiring OB/GYN, I believe I will be able to give my future patients more compassionate care if I take the time to understand the multidimensional needs of such a complex experience. As your doula, I will strive to help you understand your physical, mental, and emotional changes. Ultimately, I hope that you go into your birth knowing your rights and options and feeling confident and calm.
It would be my greatest pleasure to positively contribute to this momentous time in your life. I am looking forward to being part of your village!