Arianna Smith

Arianna Smith, RN, MSN, PNP




Arianna Smith is  a Nurse-Consultant on the Health Net Community Doula Program.


Arianna is a certified pediatric nurse practitioner with a passion for respectful maternity care. After graduating from Azusa Pacific University School of Nursing, Arianna began her career in labor and delivery which involved triage, birthing support, operating room nursing and perinatal high risk nursing. The power of walking alongside thousands of women and families during this sacred time became a reality during these early years of labor and delivery. The next chapter in her life included study at University of California, Los Angeles and earning a Masters in Science, Nursing with a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner specialty. This further reinforced her love for newborns, and the powerful role of the nurse for the family unit as they embrace new life. While continuing in birth work, Arianna began to feel burdened by the drastic health inequalities which began to surface by way of emerging data and clinical stories. This led her to pursue further research into maternal and infant morbidity and mortality while at the same time enter into the role of full time academia at Azusa Pacific University. The shift from clinical nursing to education has proven to be a wonderful means for Arianna to share a love for respectful maternity care with future nurses and also further her work with birthing justice initiatives. Current initiatives include a review of the literature which focuses on atypical risk factors for African American women such as chronic stress and lifetime exposure to racism on birth outcomes.


Arianna is a current stakeholder for an upcoming project by California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative (CMQCC) which seeks to address improving the hospital experiences and outcomes for African American women in the state of California. Most recently, Arianna is a  nurse-consultant with The Association for Wholistic Maternal and Newborn Health and Health Net to improve birth outcomes for African-American/Black women. This innovative design of utilization of birth doulas for Los Angeles Health Net patients, seeks improve outcomes for African-American/Black women by providing prenatal, intrapartum and postpartum support from a trained doula. Seeking justice in the form of equitable maternity care is at the core of the work in which Arianna Smith participates.