Brittney Hinton

Brittney Hinton


Health Net Doula

Becoming a Doula was a right of passage, a tradition passed on from the nurturing arms of my ancestors. My Doula trainings were both formal and informal, I am a descendant of Midwives throughout my ancestry. My Paternal Great-Grandmother from Barbados in the Caribbean was the Midwife for my community and my Father and Uncles birth. My Maternal Great-Grandmother originally from Alabama also passed down healing traditions.

In 2008-2009, I first received formal training for a certification in Infant Toddler Studies. I also volunteered with Great Beginnings for Black Babies in 2011. This organization sought to provide support and resources to help reduce the infant mortality rate. Here I learned skills that I use everyday in my practice especially in regards to supporting low-income families.

I hold two honors Bachelor’s degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles. One degree in Women and Gender Studies, and an additional Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. My degree in Gender Studies largely focused on the intersectional experiences of communities where I studied the public health necessity for all expecting, and or new families to have access to equal care. This includes serving teen parents, a single-parent, intersex parents, adoptive parents, surrogates, same-sex single-parents, and other members of the LGBTQIA community. Studying an individual’s reality by means of gender, race, age, sexuality, able-bodiedness, religion, region and other factors makes me a doula that can work with a wide variety of people.

Birth is spiritual and physical. Birth is a sacred ritual that must be honored with respect. I ensure the spiritual right of passage is remember and the ebb and flows of birth are respected. I honor my clients, their experiences, and cater to them in ways that are needed.

As a Labor, Postpartum, and Loss Doula I provide emotional, psychological, and educational support for the entire family. My goal is for you to be educated and prepared for birth and Parenthood such as, watchful signs to protect your child and reduce preventable issues. I also provide proper newborn care education, comfort measures during labor, massage, food and meal preparation, mindful meditation, affirmations, and baby wearing support.

I have studied gender and reproductive justice formally since 2012, and have made a reputation for reproductive advocacy through volunteering and research experience. I ultimately became a Doula after experiencing my own injustice and found discomfort in researching the countless injustices on the bodies of other women. I wanted to directly assist and educate individuals about their rights to their bodies. My advocacy continues, and I utilize my passion for nurturing.

I am a leader in a few Women’s Organization including the National Council of Negro Women where I am on the board of Southern California and a Vice-President for a local section. Beyond my advocacy work I love to partake in travel. I have visited 6 Countries, and traveled all across the United States. Meetings new individuals, trying new foods, and learning new ways to challenge my thinking are definitely interests of mine.

I love writing, reading, yoga and meditation. I find serenity in being present for each breath. I have been this way since a child, I even taught myself to knit by reading a book in middle school. I have always been a social introvert that reflects on the world around me.

Age Range: 24 -29 years

Languages: English and Caribbean Dialects

Other Skills: Massage, Breema, Acupressure, Aromatherapy