Cinnamon Buckley

Cinnamon Buckley


Health Net Doula

I identify as an Afro-Latina birth doula and student midwife. My mother was a lactation educator and doula, so my exposure and knowledge began with my mom. I always seen birth as anything short of out of the ordinary; very natural and regular. It really spoke to me when my mom had a home water birth with my younger brother when I was 13. This peaked my interest and immediately I instinctively followed my role in nurturing my mother through every second during her pregnancy, birth and postpartum. After her birth I was faced with many other births which made it obvious that this was indeed supposed to be a part of my path; to serve women. I find being a doula as a blessing of continuous knowledge and a leading part of supportive women trying to impact the world one baby at a time.

My education coincides with midwifery as I am attending Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery. Up until this point in time I have worked with the Joy in Birthing Foundation as well as volunteer at UCLA hospital in Labor & Delivery and Postpartum. UCLA has allowed me to familiarize myself with hospital knowledge, pain medications, procedures and staff rapport. I was allowed to experience families with an array of backgrounds, rituals, traumas and beliefs. I learned to be more open minded in the way women birth and how to accompany each one through their transition into motherhood. My roles are ever-growing as I am learning what it means to be a rebel in the birth world for the rights of birthing women and I love it!

My mission is to present insightful information to women regarding prenatal care, labor and birth options as well as postnatal care. In my eyes knowledge of choices is so important because only then can a mother and family make the best decision for themselves and baby! My presence is available for support no matter the decision. I aim to make a tranquil environment for mama and baby by using techniques such as; aromatherapy, positions, breathing, dim lights and/or music. My trainings are continuously evolving and range from childbirth education, breastfeeding, CPR, and clinical skills. My mother paved the way for womanly support and I passionately follow her footsteps. I am always learning upon ancestral ways and techniques for honoring this process of birth that I may incorporate when supporting. My experience and background have given me the tools to provide mothers with a holistic birthing option.

My hobbies include embroidery, modeling, painting, traveling, hiking and eating! I love to create art work, get outside and explore as well as eat delicious food.

Age Range: 18-24 years

Languages: English

Other Skills: Aromatherapy