Sayida Peprah

Dr. Sayida Peprah, Psy.D, CD

Consultant, Doula Supervisor

Doula Supervisor


Dr. Sayida Peprah, Psy.D., C.D., is a consultant working as a Doula Supervisor on our Health Net Community Doula Program.


Dr. Peprah has a Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, with a Multicultural Clinical-Community Emphasis, from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University. She is a licensed clinical psychologist, consultant and professor of community psychology with an emphasis in Maternal and Child Health. She is also a Certified Doula with Doulas of North America.


Dr. Peprah completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology and Religion at Spelman College. Dr. Peprah’s background, both academically and in the field, afford her unique competence in instructing courses, counseling and consulting, from a multicultural perspective. She is interested in cross-cultural mental health approaches, indigenous culture and local spiritual traditions. Professionally, Dr. Peprah is both an Educator, Clinician and Consultant. As a clinician, she has worked with a diverse client population and in a variety of clinical settings.


Currently, she works as a psychologist inside a prison. In this position, she supervises and provides a full spectrum of psychology services for incarcerated men and women. Prior to this, she has worked for several community mental health agencies, providing child, family and adult therapy. As an educator, Dr. Peprah has taught for over 5 years, at the graduate and undergraduate level. Additionally, Dr. Peprah has guest-lectured at numerous colleges, on topics of clinical considerations for working with special ethnic populations including Native-Americans, African-Americans and Muslim-Americans.


Sayida is also a Birth Doula, who has worked with women of diverse backgrounds. Sayida is married and is the mother of two young daughters, both naturally with midwives, one in the hospital and one at home in a birth pool.