Estevan Valdes


Happy Mama Healthy Baby Community Doula

I am Estevan Valdes (They/Them): Yogi, Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki practitioner, world traveler, and seeker of WHOLE-istic truth. I am a DONA trained Birth Doula and was certified as a Postpartum Doula and Childbirth Educator by Happy Mama Healthy Baby Alliance. My next goals are to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Direct Entry Midwife. I help birthing folks in Los Angeles and plan to expand my practice to Mexico. I am currently studying MTM (Mexican Traditional Medicine) in postpartum care. Proud first generation Californian born to Mexican parents. My heart and soul are deeply connected to my Mexican heritage and it is of most importance to me that I honor the postpartum traditions of my Meso-American ancestors. These time tested practices range over 4,500 years old.


Laboring assistance includes changing positions, breathwork, massage/trigger points, meditation, reiki, and el rebozo. Postpartum support includes cooking, laundry, basic lactation support, Yerba Baths (herbs), and La Faja/El Chincuete.


It is my mission to create a space for birthing persons and their partners to feel seen and heard. I am here to help facilitate your birth and postpartum plan, co-create via education and advocacy, and ultimately empower you to make your own choices during this beautiful and vulnerable time. My love and support are with you. “Quien con lobos anda, a aullar se enseña.”Serving our LGBTQIA+ Birthing Families. Se Habla Espanol.


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Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga Classes

Queer Parent Support Group (For LBGTQIA+ families)

Queer Parent Childbirth Preparation Classes (for LBGTQIA+ families)