Felicia Francis-Edwards

Felicia Francis-Edwards


Health Net Doula

In all my years working with pregnant and parenting women, I developed a deep desire to become a doula. I loved seeing the selflessness and calmness that reserved during births, and I resonated those characteristics. However, I laid that desire aside to focus on parenting my daughter. Once my daughter grew into adulthood, I re grounded myself in my passion of healing and life-coaching, and in 2010, the opportunity to become a doula became a reality. I see the role of a doula as a true servant, who assists women and their partners as they face the most stressful experience of their lives., and guiding them through with as much peace as possible. I love being a doula because I am great at assessing what the mother needs – eagerly meeting those needs. I am careful not to step over boundaries and I ensure that the partner, family and/or friends can play an active role during labor and delivery. As a result, I empower the mother’s voice helping her to always maintain a degree of control in a experience that can feel out of control.

For a lot of women the thought of labor and delivery evokes anxiety and fear. And for some reason people love telling pregnant women their war stories about how terrible their births were. This implies that having a baby has to be torture. As a doula I learned that labor can be hard and painful, but it does not mean that the woman has to suffer. I bring my training and experience to the table to assist the woman and her partner cope with the labor process. Using massage, soothing music, calm tones and relaxation exercises and positions to offer comfort. My primary role is to empower the woman to have the birth experience she desires and being there for her if what she wants to experience changes. Attending a birth is a sacred gift. It an honor and a privilege to be invited to attend the birth of a little one. In the end you want the woman’s experience to be enhanced by your presence. To walk away from each birth knowing you’ve given your best.

Age Range: 42-57 years

Languages: English

Other Skills: Relaxation Massage