Hannah Halliwell

Hannah Halliwell


Health Net Doula

I have been working with women during pregnancy and birth for over ten years. My educational background includes training as a doula, childbirth educator, lactation counselor, and social worker. I have had the privilege of working as an educator and advocate for women and children in many different countries as well as here in the United States. I am the mother of three children, two birth children and one adopted child. Through my work, as well as my personal experience, I have come to understand the transition into motherhood as one of life’s most important journeys.

My philosophy regarding childbirth is that birth is a normal physiological function that offers a tremendous opportunity for social and emotional growth. My approach in supporting families through this transition into parenthood is strength-based, and focuses on informed decision making, building self efficacy, and teaching communication skills. My passion lies in creating safe spaces for women and children of color, particularly during major life transitions such as the birth of a child and early parenthood.

Outside of birth work, I love to share meals with good friends and family, play loud music, and watch Kung Fu movies. If I get the chance, I love to travel to new places and climb big rocks. I also have a strange affinity for social science research, so reading and people watching is something I do daily.

Age Range: 31-36 years

Languages: English

Other Skills: Childbirth & Lactation Education