Jezreal DeCohen

Jezreel “Jazz” DeCohen


Happy Mama Heathy Baby Community Doula


I am Jazz, a self-aware wisdom seeker, with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University. I am also trained in culinary arts. However, I am most proud of my specialty in service. I was certified as a Perinatal Support Specialist through The Association for Wholistic Maternal & Newborn Health in 2019. The Alliance has equipped me the wisdom of Birth Doula, Post-Postpartum Doula, and Breastfeeding Peer Counselor.

I take pride in my holistic approach to life. I aspire to be a giver of wisdom, a giver of laughter and love, as well as a giver of strength and dignity. This work is my passion and calling, and I’m planning to begin midwifery courses to continue my path in the Fall of 2020. My greatest desire is to help empower women and birthing persons with their birth and journey into parenthood.


I’ve been told I am very effective in providing empathy and support to my clients because I know firsthand what it is to persevere through life’s challenges. I am a  survivor of domestic violence which led to homelessness,  sleeping in my car, and navigating shelter living. In spite of it all, I’ve maintained the ability to love, repair, and rebuild.


I am a divorced, single parent to three amazing personalities. The zoologist, is in middle school. The perfectionist is in elementary, and the toddler is after dad’s heart. All three keep me motivated and young at heart! With all this love, me and my family find space to nurture a Chihuahua, a Bengal queen, two parakeets, a worm farm for composting, the garden babies: a pair of turtles, and a tadpole.


I believe in the power of every parent’s story, so, I talk to my clients about the importance of being informed and educated throughout pregnancy, in preparation for birth.


I am available to provide support in many different birth settings; from a home or birth center water birth to hospital births (medicated and non-medicated), and caesareans. I know that all births and labors differ immensely and that all mothers/birthing persons have different needs.   


I am honored to be enriching the lives of pregnant mommas and people, as well as tapping into the secret/hidden awareness coined, “The Daddy Doula Superstar”, I am supportive to fathers, partners and mothers alike. I believe that men/partners/co-parents also need advocacy on how to tap into their inner superhero in the labor room environment. I am prepared to equip pregnant mamas and persons with personalized lotions, yummy and healthy meals postpartum. I have a wealth of resources to guide pregnant people in their desired path for pregnancy and beyond.


I hope that the support I will give you prenatally, during childbirth and into parenthood can be one of the most important factors in how you will feel about this most life-changing experience! I believe that with the right support, love, and care, you can have a beautiful, memorable experience that you and your partner can cherish forever.