Nashuwah Abdulmaged

Nashuwah Abdulmaged


Health Net Doula

My cultural background is rather diverse and has afforded me with many qualities that have prepared me for this position with the Health Net Doula Project. My mother is an African-American Christian who grew up in Pasadena, California. My father is Sudanese of the Muslim faith which has afforded me an openness and understanding of both cultures and religions. I was trained as a doula by ICTC which is culturally competent and offers specific training in traditional African American culture.

My philosophy about childbirth is that it is most sacred process and experience that anyone will ever have. Pregnancy is the beginning of each human life. For the mother, it is the initiation from womanhood to motherhood. It is a profound and pivotal time in an woman’s life and in the a father’s life. During this time, mothers must be nurtured, upheld as sacred and protected throughout the journey and process. I am called to do this work because I see mothers and babies as sacred and I feel they deserve to be upheld, nurtured, and gently guided into their new lives with each other.

My hobbies and interests outside of work include teaching Zumba, holding women’s healing circles, and making jewelry. My favorite piece of jewelry to make are waste-bands. I love to sing and write music. I take a deeper interest in healing through improved nutrition, Reiki, herbal medicine, and yoga.

Age Range: 18-24 years

Languages: English