Norma Benitez, BA

Board Member

Norma Benitez, BA, is a community-driven visionary with over 15 years of experience in community and parent engagement, leadership and workforce development. She is adept at working with service systems and policies to help improve and support organizational objectives.

 Norma’s experience implementing strategies and processes that provide health promotion, education and awareness to the community is a huge asset to our organization. Norma was the Health Director for Esperanza Community Housing Corporation, leading and managing their Community Health Promoter program for 11 years, an initiative that trains and empowers South Los Angeles residents to take leadership roles in promoting the health of their neighbors. This program included training for Perinatal Support Specialist Doulas. Norma has experience in project management, workforce development, meeting and event planning. She received her BA in Women’s and Chicana Studies at the University of Santa Barbara. Currently, she is Associate Director of Programs for Urban TxT, a nonprofit in South Central L.A. using coding as a leadership development tool to inspire young men of color to transform their communities while breaking down stereotypes team management. Norma is a mother of two daughters, and is of Mexican heritage and is bilingual in Spanish and English.