Tremaine Wilson


Happy Mama Healthy Baby Community Doula


I’m a 24-year-old DONA-trained Birth Doula and was certified as a Postpartum Doula by Happy Mama Healthy Baby Alliance. Currently, I am training as a Lactation Consultant and plan to become a Midwife. I support families all across Southern California and the Las Vegas region. I plan to become a Woman’s Wellness specialist to expand my practice and help reduce disparities in care.


I entered birth work to help advocate and bring trust and more love into the birthing space, which I believe transcends into the beginning of the development and beauty that is a healthy family and parenthood. I want my birthing people and families to own their strength and truly see the beauty in the unpredictability of birth and early childhood development (and of life itself).


I also offer belly binding and placenta encapsulation services.


My philosophy as a birth worker is to make sure my families are well educated/prepared and stress-free prior to delivery and have my assistance in whatever capacity they need. As well as care and help after birth. I do not dictate the choices that the birthing person and/or partner make, I want them to always feel heard. I know that this work is my calling. I was meant to help women and families of all backgrounds. To you, I  offer my dedication and undeniable commitment to you having the birth you desire.