Margaret Eberhardt


HMHBA Intern

Hi! My name is Maggie Eberhardt and I am a fourth year undergraduate studying Human Biology and Society (B.S.) at UCLA. I’ve wanted to pursue holistic and community-based healthcare as a career since high school, specifically in the fields of midwifery and doula work. In my studies so far, I have learned about preventable health disparities that exist across the country, specifically in fetal and maternal health, and the biological and social factors that play the major roles in their perpetuation. Through being behind the scenes in this non-profit, I’ll be able to build lived-experience insight into how these disparities affect our local community of Southern California, while helping the reach of HMHBA’s resources grow. I’m looking forward to working with HMHBA to get a first hand look into what serving under-served communities looks like, including the campaigning and logistics of free and reduced-cost resources and events.