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Trying to Conceive? Newly Pregnant? Interested in Conscious Conception?  Exploring your options? These consultations are designed for couples planning to conceive in the near future, and for women in early pregnancy. 


Learn about your options for childbirth such as:

  • Choosing Where to Have the Baby: Hospital, Birth Center or Home?
  • Choosing Your Care Provider: Midwife or Doctor?
  • Benefits of Doula Support
  • Epidural or Natural Childbirth?
  • Breastfeeding or Bottle-Feeding?

Private phone, email, videoconference, or in-person consultation available.

In this session, participants will:

  • Learn about principles of Conscious Conception, Joyful Pregnancy, Pleasurable Birth and Sacred Birth;
  • Discuss  their  preconception lifestyle choices;  learn  how to prepare for conscious conception and normal birthing; 
  • Learn about spiritual preparation  for conscious conception and sacred birthing;
  • Learn how their family histories  can determine the unborn baby’s future health–and what to do about it;
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of home, hospital and birth center;
  •  Learn About  Differences and Types of Birth Support Providers;
  • Compare and Contrast the Midwifery and Medical Models of Childbirth;
  • Receive Referrals to Midwives, Birth Centers, Obstetricians and Doulas;
  • Learn About Insurance Reimbursement for Out-of-Hospital Birth.

Cost: $175.00 for 90 minute session (Materials included).


Is there an expectant big brother or sister in your home? We can help you prepare your child(ren) for the birth and/or the new baby.  Whether or not you plan to have your children at birth, this class will make them feel part of the big occasion, and lessen sibling rivalry. In this class, we will  address their questions and concerns in an age-appropriate way. When children are well-prepared, attending the birth can be a joyful and memorable family experience. This class is presented  in an age-appropriate way, dependent upon the child(ren)’s ages (age 3-17 is recommended). Experiential exercises are offered and a birth film is shown (if parents approve). This service can be added to a private childbirth preparation series.

Cost: $25 (half-hour), $50 (1 hour).




Elsie Gutierrez, Manager of Community Programs

Phone: (626) 388-2191 (ext. 2)  or


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Birth Planning Values Clarification Exercise: Take this survey to determine what’s important to you about your birth experience and medical provider. Download PDFPDF Logo 16px

Downloads from Improving Birth Coalition:

“Questions to Ask When Choosing A Care Provider”

“Highlights of the Evidence Supporting  Mother-Friendly Childbirth”  

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