Childbirth Education Classes – Group

Childbirth Education – Group Classes

Empowered Birth Choices

Natural Childbirth Preparation Class

Make Informed Choices. Cultivate Trust In Birth


A Four-Week Series of  Natural Childbirth Education  Classes for Pregnant Women and their Birth Partners. Natural Childbirth Preparation for Hospital, Homebirth or Birth Center.

About These Classes | Why Choose these Classes | Class One: Understanding Birth | Class Two: Coping with Labor | Class Three: Making Informed Choices | Class Four: Postpartum, The Amazing Newborn & Breastfeeding|Intensive Weekend Natural Childbirth Preparation Workshop | Pay for Classes and Services


July, 2019 | November 2019

Classes are $350.00 per couple | $175 per couple for Medi-Cal.  


Prenatal education today is much more than learning how to breathe. These “Lamaze” childbirth preparation  classes help pregnant women and persons, and their partners  understand the birth process, and provide support during childbirth.

These prenatal preparation and lactation education  classes  empower parents to  take an active role in making informed decisions about their maternity and newborn care including making informed choices such as where to have the baby –hospital, birth center or homebirth, and choosing the maternity care provider: midwife or obstetrician.

Classes are appropriate for first time expectant parents and experienced parents alike; whether planning a hospital birth or out-of-hospital birth.

Refresher childbirth education classes  and sibling birth preparation classes are also available.

In short, we trust birth. We believe in you. We help you develop confidence for birthing, breastfeeding and parenting a newborn baby. We help you develop a vision for your birth; we support you to manifest it.


Katrina Nelson

Katrina Nelson, Childbirth Educator

Katrina Nelson teaches our childbirth classes. She is an experienced childbirth educator certified with ICEA. She has extensive experience working with premature babies and high risk births. She is also experienced with normal birth and can help you to have the birth you desire. To register for the next class, contact Katrina Nelson.


By the end of this course, participants will have:

1) Increased knowledge about options for childbirth, pros and cons of medical procedures,  and be able to make informed choices during pregnancy and childbirth.

2) Increased confidence to give birth normally, cope with labor, and partners will have increased confidence to support the woman through the process of labor.

3) Increased confidence to breastfeed and care for their newborn.


Class One: Understanding Birth

      • Preventing premature birth
      • Eating right for a healthy pregnancy
      • Coping with common discomforts of pregnancy
      • How your body works in labor and birth
      • How labor begins and progresses
      • “True” labor vs. “False” labor
      • The phases and stages of birth
      • How to time contractions
      • When to go to the hospital
      • Homebirth Preparation Includes:
      • Preparing your house and family for the birth
      • Planning for home waterbirth
      • Arranging for hospital and MD back up
      • Understanding how your midwives will deal with unexpected complications and emergencies.

Class Two: Coping with Labor

      • Breathing techniques and relaxation exercises
      • Creative Visualization and other techniques
      • Positions for easier, faster and more comfortable labor
      • Support methods for birth partners
      • Positions for effective pushing
      • Trusting your body’s wisdom, surrendering and opening to birth
      • Cultivating trust in birth; overcoming fear and anxiety
      • The benefits of natural childbirth or “physiological childbirth”
      • Orgasmic Birth?! How this is possible…
      • The Role of the Doula–your partner in manifesting the birth you desire

Class Three: Making Informed Choices

      • Choosing the place of birth: hospital, home or birth center?
      • Choosing your birth support provider: midwife or obstetrician?
      • Pain medication options: epidurals and analgesics; risks and benefits
      • Advantages and disadvantages of medical procedures and their effect on labor, mother and baby (induction, electronic fetal monitoring, etc)
      • Informed Consent and Refusal–Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities
      • Birth by Cesearean and Vaginal Birth After Cesearean (VBAC)
      • Creating a “Birth Plan” and Communicating with Your Care Provider

Class Four: Postpartum Adjustments, Your Amazing Newborn and Breastfeeding

      • What to expect after baby arrives: physical and emotional needs of postpartum
      • Bonding with your amazing newborn baby
      • Newborn medical procedures: benefits and risks
      • Breastfeeding Basics: Getting off to a good start
      • A New Paradigm for Breastfeeding: Baby Self-Attachment and ®Biological Nurturing
      • Kangaroo Mothercare
      • Reducing Your Risks of SIDS by Co-Sleeping with Your Infant
      • Laid Back Breastfeeding and other Positions to Make Breastfeeding Work
      • Benefits of breastfeeding for mothers, fathers, babies and society
      • How your breasts make milk
      • Keeping up your milk supply
      • Preventing sore nipples, dealing with engorgement and other issues
      • Challenges of breastfeeding (inverted nipples, breastfeeding the premature baby, etc).
      • Working or going to school while breastfeeding
      • Pumping and storage of breastmilk.


Because we educate about and promote:
Pregnant - Prenatal Education Colrdelia Hanna Los Angeles, Ca

  • Informed consent and refusal in maternity care–not only is it responsible and ethical, women who felt they had decision-making power during birth had improved self-esteem and bonding with their babies
  • Alternative choices in childbirth such as homebirth, waterbirth, birth centers and midwife assisted birth
  • Physiological childbirth–it’s natural and normal, and results in healthy outcomes for mothers and infants.
  • The lifelong importance of maternal-infant attachment.
  • Breastfeeding–it protects and improves maternal and infant health for a lifetime and is also eco-friendly.
  • Awareness of spiritual and emotional aspects of birthing
  • Awareness of the influence of the woman’s social environment on pregnancy, birthing, and breastfeeding
  • Family involvement in the birthing process
  • Complimentary modalities for pregnancy and childbirth: acupuncture, chiropractic, herbology, etc.
  • Attachment parenting and Biological Nurturing  as the most sensible way to develop happy and secure children.


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