TeDese Ross

TeDese Ross

Fatherhood Program Director

Fatherhood Support Program Coordinator

TeDese Ross, BS, MSpEd, is a dedicated Special Education teacher committed to supporting historically marginalized communities and fostering academic achievement among all of his students. His personal journey, marked by overcoming significant challenges, serves as a source of motivation for his career in teaching. He believes in the importance of personal accountability within families and communities to promote stakeholder engagement.


TeDese Ross’s postgraduate studies focused on special education, indicating his expertise in this field. He also holds the title of Peer Support Specialist Trainer, showcasing his commitment to supporting and mentoring others. His outstanding contributions to education were recognized when he was awarded the title of Educator of the Year by the California League of High Schools in 2020.


Currently residing in Southern California with his family, TeDese is married and is raising four young men, which aligns with his belief in the importance of family and community engagement. His passion for mentoring young fathers comes from the fact that he himself was a single dad who raised his oldest son on his own for ten years. His quote, “None of us is smarter than all of us,” suggests his belief in the power of collaboration and diverse perspectives in achieving common goals.


He is excited about working with expectant fathers and dads to support them in the hardest job they’ll ever love: Fatherhood.