Blessingway Ceremonies – A Celebration of Pregnancy, Birth, Motherhood

Baby Shower? Consider the Blessingway Ceremony!

Honoring  Sacred Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood


See the mother within your heart and thoughts. Labor for love of her, draw others to her by your own example. Create the atmosphere of divine harmony and receptivity  she cannot resist, then you will have her form as well as the blessings of her formless self. Those who labor thus are the dearest of the dear to The Divine Mother.”

— The Divine Mother, Sri Daya Mata


Shawna Wentz Photography Sacred Womb Artistry

Throughout human history, and in all cultures and times, a woman’s journey through pregnancy and childbirth has been revered and honored as a unique, special and sacred journey. In many cultures, during the period of pregnancy and childbirth and the weeks just after birth, this vulnerable and sacred time is protected and blessed by ritual and ceremony by the woman’s family and community. Today, American women are beginning to rediscover the sacredness of pregnancy and childbirth and wish to create their own special ceremonies to celebrate and honor their journey into motherhood. The Blessingway Ceremony is an alternative to or in conjunction with a Baby Shower given to a pregnant woman to prepare her for a Sacred Childbirth. It can be customized to any religious or spiritual tradition.  We will plan your whole event and handle all the details of your Baby Shower/Blessingway Ceremony from start to finish.

The term “Blessingway” is derived from a Navajo fertility rite; and women are borrowing elements from Native American and other religious traditions. Unique elements (songs, prayers, liturgy, chants, scripture, etc.) can be added to the ceremony and the ceremony can be done appropriately within the religious or spiritual tradition of each family. No matter what form the ceremony takes, the purpose is to surround the pregnant woman or new mother Foot Massage(and sometimes father and siblings) with support from community and to help transform fears about childbirth and/or motherhood into trust and confidence. For women who have had a prior traumatic birth, this ceremony can help alleviate anxiety and worry about the upcoming birth. For first time mothers, it can help reinforce the belief in childbirth as a normal and miraculous event, and help garner community support for her birthing goals. Makes a beautiful and unique addition to the Baby Shower.


Here is what we offer:

  • PLANNING THE CEREMONY – We will help you plan your ceremony, helping you choose an appropriate setting (your home, yard, sanctuary, spiritual center, church, etc.)
  • INVITE GUESTS – Create unique, customized invitations for your family and friends
  • CREATE SACRED SPACE – We will create a sacred space for the ceremony (decorate and adorn the space, transforming the environment from ordinary to sacred).
  • CONDUCT THE CEREMONY – We will facilitate the ceremony including your friends and family in nurturing the pregnant woman, new mother (and possibly the father and siblings if desired); ideas include: henna pregnant belly tattoo, plaster of Paris belly casting, floating the pregnant woman in a hot tub, foot massage, adornment and braiding of her hair, etc. Scripture, music and text from your religious or spiritual tradition can be incorporated into this section.
  • HELP YOU WORK THROUGH FEARS – As Childbirth Educators/Midwives and Doulas, we support women to work through their fears and surrender to the birth process and new motherhood.
  • INCLUDE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS – We will encourage your friends and family to give you a “gift from the heart”; instead of store-bought baby items, we recommend hand-made gifts such as: floral hair wreaths, bouquet of flowers, necklaces of gem stones, original poems, songs, dances, artwork, etc.).
  • CONCLUDE THE CEREMONY – Conclude the ceremony with your community surrounding you in love and support; afterwards, a traditional baby shower could follow with store-bought gifts and food.
  • MAKE REFERRALS- we can refer you to henna tattoo artists, musicians, photographers,  etc., to make your day special and memorable.

The ceremony can be customized to the family’s spiritual and religious tradition.


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