Questions to Ask Doulas

Birth Planning Questions to Ask  Doulas


The following are suggested questions to ask when interviewing Doulas (professional labor companions) for the purpose of selecting one to help provide you with support during your labor and birth or help you postpartum.

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1. How long have you been a doula?

2. Where did you receive your training?

3. Are you certified or in the process of becoming certified?

4. What organization are you certified or certifying with?

5. What are the requirements for certification with that organization?

6. Why did you become a doula?

7. What is your philosophy about birth?

8. Tell me about a challenging situation you encountered as a doula and what you did to ensure a positive experience and outcome for mother and baby?

9. What are your greatest strengths as a doula?

10. In what ways do you think you need to improve or grow as a doula?

11. How many births have you attended?

12. What hospital and doctors and midwives have you worked with? Who are you most favorite and why? Who are your least favorite and why?

13. How would you work with  a mother who wants to use pain medication for her labor?

14. How would you work with a mother who does not want to use pain medication for her labor?

15. How would you work with  a client who chooses to follow her doctor’s  recommendation to  have a scheduled cesarean or be induced?

16. How many of the births you attended have been drug-free, how many with pain medication, how many have been cesarean?

17. Do you have any special skills, such as massage, hypnobirthing, prenatal yoga, foreign language, etc.?

18. How do you involve fathers, grandparents and siblings in the birth?

19. Give me an example of how  you have worked or would work with “difficult” nurses or doctors while optimizing the best support for the mother?

20. What are your fees and what do they include?

21. As a Postpartum Doula, what services and skills do you provide?

22. As a Postpartum Doula. do you have experience with multiples, premature babies, or caring for mothers after a cesarean?

23. As a Postpartum Doula, what is your training or experience working with mothers during the postpartum period and newborns?

24. As a Postpartum Doula, do you prepare meals? What types of cuisine can you prepare? We have special dietary needs. They are…can you accommodate this?

25. As a Postpartum Doula, do you do overnight shifts?

26. What is your training and experience with lactation support?

27. How do I get a hold of you?

28. Do you have a back-up doula or partner? Will I be able to meet them before labor?

29. Why do you feel you would be a “good fit” for me/us?



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Doula Program Coordinator & Supervisor

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