The Happy Mama Healthy Baby Alliance, a  non-profit, community-based organization, is located in Los Angeles, California. We are multicultural perinatal and mental health professionals working together to engender a more equitable maternity care system and to reduce health disparities for all mothers, birthing persons and their children.




Consultants work with us on a project-to-project basis, as needed.  Consultants with expertise in health psychology, medicine,  maternal-infant nursing, cultural awareness/anti-racism training,  midwifery, health promotion, program management, strategic planning, film production, marketing, grantwriting, biometrics, fundraising & event planning and teaching perinatal health content are needed. Please send your resume and cover letter to Cordelia Hanna, Executive Director or call (626) 388-2191 ext. 1.


PAST CONSULTANTS – The Association for Wholistic Maternal and Newborn Health

Nakeya Fields, LCSW

Dr. Moraya Moini, MPH, Ph.D.

Dr. Sayida Peprah, Psy. D.

Khefri Riley, CD, CLE, CPYT

Arianna Smith, RN, MSN

Vanessa Nicolas, CNM

Dr. Robert Adamik, Ph.D.

Geraldine Perry-Williams, PHN, MSN 

Adrienne Bambou Diagne, RM

John Kotik, Esq.

Dr. Chibunna E. Nwaobia, MSN, Ph.D. (former Board Chair)

Chinedu Nwaka, MBA (former board member)

Dr.  R. Ndinda  Mutua Ngewa, Dr. PH (former board member)

Nicette Jukelevics, MA

Melissa O’Keefe, MFTa