Health Net Community Doula Program Team

Health Net Community Doula Team





The Health Net Community Doulas (L to R Back Row): Felicia Francis-Edwards, Hannah Halliwell, Latrice Matthews, Brittney Hinton, Cinnamon Buckley (L to R Front Row): Destinee Dewalt-Chase, Nashuawah Abdulmaged, Michelle Sanders, Nakomi Kirby, Bethany Benson. Photo by Maggie Ehirig. 


In 2019, we partnered with Health Net to provide a doula program for African-American families in Los Angeles Ca in order to address the high rates of cearean section among their African-American members. Through this effort, we succeeded in lowering the rate of cesarean for Health Net’s African-American mothers from 70% to 10% in less than 6 months. Unfortunately, as of December 13, 2019, we are no longer the organization managing this project. For more information, contact Dr. Pooja Mittal at Health Net at 510-507-0792.