Elsie Gutierrez, MPH

Doula Supervisor, Manager of Community Programs, Officer

Manager of Community Programs
Board Secretary/Treasurer



In 2019, I received my Masters in Public Health in Health Education and Promotion from University of Southern California (USC) at Keck School of Medicine. My interest in natural births, mother-centered models and birthing centers began in my junior year of undergrad when I took a course on childbirth, motherhood and reproduction, where I learned how different pregnancy and motherhood is for people in the US compared to other nations. I was also introduced to the historical and present injustices that are faced by those giving birth in the US, especially Black mothers. Now, as a graduate of the USC Public Health program, and as a lifelong resident of South Central L.A., I want to pursue my interest in health disparities and give back to my community through health education and promotion. I believe birth should be centered around the mother’s experience, but prior to that, the person should know what options and resources are available to them before, during and after birth. I want to contribute to the Happy Mama Healthy Baby Alliance’s mission because I’ve become passionate about childbirth and I want to share information about birth centers and doulas and all available resources with expectant mothers and persons in low-income, under-served areas.


I am a native Spanish speaker.