Jowana Nasrallah, MPH

Board Member

Jowana Nasrallah is a leader in the public health field, known for her dedication to improving health equity and maternal health outcomes. With a decade of experience in the field and an MPH in Global Health, Jowana has worked for various governmental, private, and international multilateral agencies, including the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Amman, Jordan, and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.
Jowana’s expertise in health policy, social determinants of health, and community health has enabled her to manage complex programs and engage with communities to address the root causes of health disparities. She is a passionate advocate for evidence-based solutions that tackle systemic issues and enhance health outcomes at the population level. Throughout her career, she has successfully led organizations of 500+ individuals in pandemic response, creating systems and policies to ensure the health and safety of all community members in a fast-paced and evolving environment, has helped establish tobacco retail policy in local government, and influenced maternal health and hospitalization policy at the UN Relief and Works Agency.
As an immigrant to the United States and fluent in Arabic, Jowana’s unique perspective and cross-cultural understanding have proven invaluable in building relationships with diverse stakeholders and understanding the complex social and cultural factors that affect health outcomes. Her analytical thinking and problem-solving skills enable her to identify solutions to complex challenges, and she is a skilled stakeholder manager, bringing together diverse groups to achieve shared goals. With her work rooted in empathy, she is able to build trust and establish rapport with communities and colleagues alike.