Lisa Mejia


Happy Mama Healthy Baby Community Birth and Postpartum Doula


I strongly empathize with Happy Mama Healthy Baby Alliance’s mission to primarily serve Black and other persons of color and of lower economic status due to their serious mistreatment at the hands of medical professionals in the field and as persons being more likely to experience infant and maternal mortality, suffer postpartum depression and have a lack of access to help with these issues amongst others.


The role of a parent will never be an easy one but with a little help, nurturing, and guidance we can make it a wonderful experience for all. As a DONA trained postpartum doula I am here to help you make the right choices for you and your family by providing you with evidence-based information and assistance free of judgment and unnecessary opinion. It is my joy to help you, as parents and the family at large make this transition a beautiful one. 


I’ve witnessed my own mother’s struggle with postpartum depression with the birth of her youngest and the lack of access she had to help. I struggled with postpartum depression myself and had a rough first year after the birth of my daughter. The overwhelming feeling of loneliness and desire for support made me realize how much a person in this role can help someone facing these same struggles. I want to support parents and birthing persons in their parental role and help them care for themselves as well. As much attention as the baby needs to birthing person and partner need the help as well.


My own struggle within the early postpartum period is what inspired me to become a birth worker. The transition into parenthood is at once difficult and beautiful, a role that can feel at once thankless and incredibly fulfilling. It is a metamorphosis, an event that will bless you with a new life that will redefine and move you in more ways than you could ever imagine. The dichotomy of this new role is what makes it a continually perplexing and exhausting job, keeping you on your toes as you care for your young ones while trying to maintain a sense of balance and self.


I have a BA degree in History. I am a first-generation American and a first-time mother in my thirties. I am a native Spanish speaker. I also speak some Portuguese. I offer meal preparation and other services to care for you during your postpartum period.


I am one of the Doulas working in the Venice Family Clinic Doula Pilot Program. I look forward to working with you!



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Empatizo fuertemente con la misión de Happy Mama Healthy Baby Alliance de servir principalmente a las personas negras y otras personas de color y de menor estatus económico debido a su grave maltrato a manos de profesionales médicos en el campo y como personas con más probabilidades de experimentar mortalidad infantil y materna, sufrir depresión posparto y tener una falta de acceso para ayudar con estos problemas.


Yo he sido testigo de la lucha de depresión posparto con mi propia madre con el nacimiento de su hijo menor y la falta de acceso que tuvo a ayuda. Yo igual luché con la depresión posparto y tuve un año difícil después del nacimiento de mi hija. El sentimiento abrumador de soledad y deseo de apoyo me hizo dar cuenta de lo que una persona en este rol puede ayudar a alguien que enfrenta esas mismas luchas. Quiero apoyar a los padres y a las personas biológicas en su función parental y ayudarlos a cuidarse a sí mismos también. Tanta atención como el bebé necesita a la persona biológica y pareja necesita la ayuda también.


El papel de un padre nunca será fácil, pero con un poco de ayuda, crianza y guías podemos hacer que sea una experiencia maravillosa para todos. Como doula posparto capacitada por DONA, estoy aquí para ayudarle a tomar las decisiones correctas para usted y su familia proporcionándole información basada en evidencia y asistencia sin juicio y opinión innecesaria. Sería mi alegría ayudarles hacer esta transición hermosa!


Soy una de las Doulas que trabaja en el Programa Piloto de Doula de la Clínica Familiar de Venecia. Espero con interes trabajar con usted.