Valerie Moreno

Natalie Moreno


HMHBA Intern

My name is Natalie Moreno, and I am a rising senior at Bucknell University. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology on the pre-medical track, with a minor in Philosophy. Growing up in Los Angeles, experiencing firsthand how the disparities in our healthcare system disproportionately impact immigrant families and minorities has motivated my interest in pursuing a career in maternal health and healthcare reform. In my future career, I hope to work towards creating a more equitable healthcare system. I also hope to make maternal health and wellness resources available and more accessible for immigrant families and minorities, regardless of their socioeconomic status. As an undergraduate, I have had experience working with nonprofit organizations in seeking out grant opportunities, drafting letters of intent, and procuring funding for research projects. I am currently assisting with grant research, outlining details for a recurring fundraiser, and editing course materials for the various training programs that HMHBA has to offer.