Talitha Cumi


Happy Mama Healthy Baby Community Doula

I am a trained birth doula located in Los Angeles. In my free time, you can find me working in my urban garden, or at the LA flower district looking for new finds. All my doula packages are based around succulents because growth is a beautiful process and the way we grow is different, unique, and individual to each of us.
Which I’m reminded of every time I look at my plant collection. And in my opinion, applies very much so to the process of giving birth. If you don’t find me looking for succulents, the next place you’ll see me is sitting in the park blowing bubbles. I believe bubbles are a true form of meditation all in themselves.
As water is one of the most fundamental elements known to this planet, it is also one of the most fundamental elements in the process of our individual lives, and in the nine-month journey known as pregnancy. Being able to connect to meditation through bubbles not only helps to calm the everyday quarrels of life but it can help establish breathing techniques that can assist you through birth. Bubbles encompass the two fundamental elements of both air and water allowing you to center yourself while releasing stress.
I also do art therapy, as I find it can be helpful in the process of deciding what birth path you choose to take, art is a wonderful expression and it comes in many different forms.
All in all, my approach to being a doula is truly one of genuine openness, curiosity, and excitement in regards to the unknown!
I’m an earth sign that appreciates genuine acts of sincerity, and as a former kindergarten teacher’s assistant, I try to approach every day with overwhelming amounts of patience!
As I feel that patience and sincerity are the two main ingredients needed to create a wonderful experience.
I am currently one of the doulas at Venice Family Clinic Doula Program. I look forward to working with you!