Oluwatosin “Tosin” Atolagabe MPH, MBA, MHA, MSBI

Chairman of the Board

Chief Operating Officer


Our Chairman of the Board of Directors and COO, Tosin Atolagbe is a healthcare consultant and medical informatics specialist. He has various experiences with healthcare business management/processes within small-to-medium size medical practices, operations, and education. He is currently a Clinical DevOps consultant with, a digital health analytics start-up. We are glad to have him lend his knowledge, experience, and leadership in our public health organization. He holds graduate titles in Medical Informatics, Business/Healthcare Administration, and Public Health. (LinkedIn: Tosin Atolagbe)


He speaks English and Yoruba (Nigeria). He is married and a father of two daughters.

*Note: Due to prior misconstruction or inaccurate information on this specific page months ago, unbeknownst to Tosin Atolagbe, and to further bring clarity to inquiring bodies/entities, he is not a medical practitioner/licensed in the State of California nor has he been associated with HMHBA in that capacity. His role and participation is on a volunteer and leadership capacity as board chairman of directors and an executive to the organization. (6/3/2021)